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by Adam Mahdavi

6pm to 8pm

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Closure of our restaurant

We are sorry to inform you of the closure of our restaurant La Bodega de Andres.

The COVID-19 pandemic has swept away many businesses and we have been able to withstand almost all of 2020, but our time has come and we cannot continue accumulating losses.

We want to thank you for your trust during all this time and we hope you have a good memories of our way of hosting our friends at our restaurant.

It is a shame to have to write and sign a letter like this, but there is no other way out and we only have the consolation of being able to serve you at our original restaurant

Arcadia Gastronomique
at 152 Union Road in Ascot Vale

where you can taste the same type of authentic Spanish food and with all the affection that we have always offered to our clients.

Thanking you for your trust and understanding towards us.

Warm regards,
Andres Ruiz